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First Book of Samuel: Quiz 2

  1. In the temple of which god of the Philistines did they put the ark of the covenant?
  2. Ashtoreth

  3. Name the cities of Philistia that were inflicted by the plague?
  4. Ashdod, Gath, Ekron
    Antioch, Damascus, Jericho
    Sodom, Gomorrah, Sidon
    Nineveh, Nisibis, Babylon

  5. How long did the ark of God remain in Philistia?
  6. Three months
    Four months
    Seven months
    1 year

  7. What did the Philistines send as a trespass offering with the ark?
  8. Frankincese
    A yoke of oxen
    A ram
    Five golden tumors and five golden rats

  9. Where did the cart carrying the ark stop when it came to Beth-Shemesh?
  10. At Abinadab's house
    At Ebenzer
    In the field of Joshua
    At the threshing floor of Ornan the Jebusite

  11. How long did the ark stay in Kirjath-Jearim?
  12. Six months
    1 year
    7 years
    20 years

  13. Who was consecrated to keep the ark in Kirjath-Jearim
  14. Eleazar, Abinadab's son

  15. Where did all Israel gather for fasting and confession with Samuel?
  16. Gilgal

  17. Describe Eben-ezer?
  18. One of Samuel's sons
    Rock of Escape
    A stone that Samuel set up between Mizpah and Shen saying "Thus far has the LORD helped us."
    Rock of wild goats

  19. Where was Samuel's native place?
  20. Gilgal