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(Lok mor Thesh' buhatho...) (Naadha Thei Sthuthiyum)
Praise to Thee, O Lord, Praise to Thy Father
Glory and honor to Thy Holy Ghost.
Grace and mercy be upon us, sinners
May this pray'r ascend, Lord un-to Thy Throne
Inside portals of Jeru-salem high
Praise to - Thee, Messi-ah, Praise - unto Thee
Lord our - refuge for- ever, BAREKMOR
Monday Evening:
Messiah, who saved us by - Thy passion
Receive, this our office a-nd have mercy.
Monday Night:
Christ saved us by Passion and - lowliness
Let us - kneel and adore Him - this night time.
Tuesday Evening/Night:
Church that suffered in Thy Passion, rejoice on Easter
Thy servants re-ceive from Thee Lord, blessings and mercy
Wednesday Evening:
They shall be ju-dg'd, in Thy judgment, who ca-lled for Thy Death Who receiv'd Thee- and Thy Passion, shall rea-ch Thy Kingdom
Thursday Evening:
Messi-ah who effaced Pa-schal Lamb by Thy Pasch Gladden, show mercy - by Thy Pasch.
Friday Evening:
Messi-ah paid our debts by Thy Passion
Receive this our office and have mercy.
Friday Night:
KAUMA 1: By Thy- Pray'r of sorrow and Passion, Lord
Accept - this Prayer and have me-rcy on us.
KAUMA 2: By Thy - Love that led Thee to- judgment Hall
Save us- from judgment and re-move our sins
KAUMA 3: Christ Thou - Effaced Judgment by- Thy trial Save us - from judgment and re-move our sins
KAUMA 4: Christ Who - was smote by servant - at trial Bless us. and have mercy in Thy judgment
KAUMA 5: Thou Lord forgave Simon who - denied Thee My trust is on Thee. have mercy on me
Friday Morning :
Christ sa-ved us by Passion and lowliness
Let us, kneel and adore Him this morning.
Friday Third Hour (Terce):
Christ who was then questioned by - Thy servant Have mercy on us, at Thy - judgment Day
Friday Sixth Hour:
Christ who - was derided by - servant
In trial - grant us mercy in Thy judgment
Lord, on - the day of Thy glo-rious coming re-
member Thy servants, like the thief
Friday Ninth Hour:
Christ Thou - effaced her who cru-cified Thee For us - Is Thy Cross refuge and fortress
Christ Who - effaced our Death by - Thy death - Raise to life, the dead and have me-rcy on us
Procession I.

As He came out of the fort, He carried His Cross on His shoulders.
Hebrew women gathered together, weeping over him bitterly.
His Mother was standing afar, with all her acquaintances.
And like a dove, she began to moan with grief and sorrow.

Where are you going, my Son, my beloved One? Where are they taking you? Why did you give up yourself in the hands of the unrighteous people? Woe unto me, my Son; woe unto me, my beloved One. What has happened to you today?

Blessed is Your Passion and Your humility for our sake.

Cross He carried on shoulders
As He came out from the fort
Hebrew women assembled
Weeping and wailing for Him
Holy Mother stood afar
With her kin waiting for Him
Overcome with grief and pain.
Like a dove she moaned and cried,

'Where, where are they taking you
My Son, my beloved one?
O, why Thou did Thyself give
Unto these unrighteous ones?
My Son, my beloved One
O, what has befallen Thee?
Blessed is Thy lowliness
And passion all - for - our - sake.'

Procession II:

Joseph, hailing from, land of A-rimathea
He was one righteous, and venera-ble.
Beseeching He came, unto Pi-late's Court
Pleading for Jesus'. Body Di-vine
Body of Savior
Most Holy - Treasure
Grant thou me Ruler
I may bury - Him myself Crucified was He. on a Tree by Jews Give it unto me, for my de-light

When Joseph and Nicodemus brought you down from the top of the Cross,
they carried you, as though You were dead, whereas life was hidden in You,
They embalmed You with myrrh and aloes, and they wrapped You in a fine linen cloth,
laid you in a new tomb, and rolled a stone against the door.
The whole creation was mournful and bewailing Your death;
and the departed eagerly waited for Your return and worshipped You, O Eternal,
who died on His own will.
Blessed is Your Passion for us and Your humility for our sake.


  1. Come, ye, all tribes of this-world
    Hearken to wha-t transpi-res
    Between yond-'r robbe-rs two
    Truly listen - and wi-tness

  2. Cross of the Lo-rd at cen-tre
    Like a judge un-corru-pted
    And like a ba-lance trus-ted
    Conversation - weighed in - truth

  3. Said to the Lord, one ro-bber
    Remember me - on tha-t day
    When you come in - Thy kingdom
    Let me see, Lord, Thy me-rcy

  4. That robber on - left ha-nd side
    When he heard th-is, bespa-ke thus
    'If this man we-re truly - king
    How come He u-p on the Cross'

  5. Thy love do I - prize m-y friend
    By the Cross we - are severed
    Sinless blood of this s One - has
    Granted me li-fe and co-urage

  6. Don't you see tha-t like u-s two
    He too is bou-nd by tho-se nails
    If He can gi-ve us king-dom
    Come out He no-w, we tru-st Him

  7. I shall ent-er Para-dise
    Word of the Lo-rd is m-y key
    Accuse Him no-t, you a-re wrong
    Try not ye to - misgu-de me

  8. Crucified li-ke one o-f us
    Tortured much mo-re than we - two
    If He is king - may He - be
    Saved anon b-y His a-rmy

  9. On earth He ha-ngs on a-tree
    His fiery thro-ne in hea-ven
    Nature, her Lo-rd, recei-veth
    Shudders at cru-cifi-xion

  10. Look at Him,Thou - exto-lleth
    See those lashe-s on Hi-s back
    Thou glorify-eth Him - but
    Who will take you - at Th-y word

  11. From damnation - He se-t free
    Adam; by His - crown of thorns
    Messiah re - moved a-ll thorns
    None but the Lo-rd could do - that

  12. At His word the - Cruci - fied
    May take you to - Para - dise
    Can He lead you-to E-den
    Which you have not eve-r seen

  13. Hell is losing - by thi-s death
    Rule over dea-th for e-ver
    Thither He go-es to cru-sh hell
    By the thunder - of hi-s call

  14. He was perse-cuted mo-st
    Sour drink and sta-bbing for Him
    He who gets con-demned thi-s long
    How can I say is a - king

  15. Lend thine ear no-w to tha-t sound
    Of rocks hard breaking apart
    Saints of old come - back to - life
    Believeth not eve-n now

  16. Elements and cre-atures shu-dder
    See those rocks fa-lling a-part
    Unmoved are you ? - leave fal-sehood
    Confess and ge-t new li-fe, friend!

  17. His glory you - may con-front
    If only you seek for tha-t
    Creatures all wit-ness fo-r Him
    His Passion do-es distu-rb all

  18. King, He was ca-lled, by Pilate
    Through His writing - on the -cross
    Since they call ou-t as wit-ness
    Tell me not th-at He i-s king

  19. Stands His Cross be-tween u-s two
    Abyss this you - can no-t pass
    Go and get thy - rightful-I place
    Right hand side i-s always-s thine

  20. Hell was open - by the Cro-ss
    Sun was darken-ed, earth trem-bled
    Temple curtain - torn a-part
    All bear witne-ss to the - Lord

  21. Earth and dese-rt and crea-tures
    Listen! Shouti-ng and cry-ing!
    Alarmed by tha-t clamou-r great
    Earth is shaking - to the - core

  22. Harken to tha-t shouting - friend
    Of those dead co-ming from - hell
    Look at Jesus - whom I - trust
    He only gives - life fo-r all

  23. That Adam ma-y recei-ve life
    He died; the dea-d wait fo-r
    Him He gives freedom - for A-dam
    And takes me to - Para-dise

  24. How come you sla-nder Je-sus
    Who died out o-f His o-wn will
    Lock thy mouth from - evil - talk
    Glorious Cross m-y so-le refuge

  25. Eden, Thy word - grante-d to
    That thief who con-fessed Thee - Lord
    Remember us - Lord th-at Day
    When you come, we - confe-ss Thee

Sung During Veneration of the Cross

Thy - Cross - that saved our souls
We adore now O-Lord
With that - thief we cry out
Christ remember us - when you come - again

Saturday Evening:
Ento-mb'd Thou effaced perdi-tion of tomb
Christ e-fface death, raise our dead -from the tomb.
Holy Qurbana:
Christ Who - Effaced our Death by - Thy death - Raise to life, the dead and have me-rcy on us.

Truly am I the Gardener, O Mary!
I only planted Paradise. Great One!
O Mary, am I life of all living things.
I am the Resur-rection and new life.
I am Who was killed.
I was in the tomb.
Touch me not for I
Have not gone to my Father.
With glory have I ascended from the tomb
Good news this, carry to my disciples.


  1. Holy cross and Altar, Pea-ce!
    Peace unto the Holy To-mb
    Gospel, peace be unt-o thee!
    Saints a-Il, and ye Holy Pri-ests
    Deacons, peace - be unto you
    Children of Ch-urch, peace to - you!

  2. Peace and tranqui-lity Thine Be with us for ever more
    Saviour Messiah Lord
    We greet a-nd embrace each othe-r
    May Thine own peace reign in us
    Now and always for ev-er.

  3. Harken, people and serve-rs! Harken, all our holy priests!
    Receive blessing from the saints,
    Peace this. thou give and rece-ive
    May this peace of Lo-rd Jesus
    Reign in us for ever mo-re

  4. On Resurrection Day, great. As on all days in our li-fe
    Tranquility be with us -Coming - from God, the Father
    And the Peace of Only Son
    Indwelling of Holy Gho-st.

  5. May Thy Peace keep Churches safe And monaste-ries too, Lord!
    May Thy Cross sanctify us -Thy Fea-st, make us rejoice
    Thy Peace and tranquility
    Be with us for ever mo-re.


Priest: My bretheren, I bring you new glad tidings: Christ has risen from the tomb,
and has struck His enemies behind Him.

Congregation: We believe and confess that He has indeed risen.


Hal - o hal A-ll heaven is thrilled and earth is jo-yous At the resurrection of Christ the King - Hal


+ He whom Heaven's - angels do - serve!
Holy art Thou - O, Lord a - nd God

+ He whom ,cherubim - always do - bless!
Holy art Thou - O, Almi - ghty

+ He whom seraphim - do sancti - fy!
Holy art Thou - O, Immortal
Sinners repent, entreat Thee and say;
He who was crucified for u-s
(For other occasion please refer to attachment)
Have mercy on - us


+ He whom the fiery - hosts always -s praise!
Holy art Thou - 0, Lord a - nd God

+ He whom the spirituals - do magni - fy! Holy art Thou -o , Almi - ghty

+ He whom mortals - always wor - ship!
Holy art Thou - 0, Immortal
Sinners repent, entreat Thee and say;
He who was crucified for u-s
(For other occasion please refer to attachment)
Have mercy on - us


+ He whom beings - glory on - high!
Holy art Thou - 0, Lord a - nd God

+ He whom those at - middle e - xalt!
Holy art Thou -o , Almi - ghty

+ He whom mortals - always wor - ship!
Holy art Thou -0, lmmortal
Sinners repent, entreat Thee and say;
He who was crucified for u-s
(For other occasion please refer to attachment)
Have mercy on - us

+ Lord have mercy - upon u -s all! Lord have mercy - and compa - ssion

+ Lord accept our services, - prayers and have mercy upon us - all!
Glory to Thee, 0 , Lord and God

+ Glory to Thee - Lord creat - or great!
Glory to Thee - Christ the King who
pities His sinful servants -Barekmore.

He who was born for our sa-ke
He who was baptized for our sa-ke
He who was crucified for u-s
Palm Sunday
Son of David Hosan na-h
Good Friday
He who was crucified for u-s
Gloriously rose from the de-ad
Ascended to Heaven for our sa-ke

Note: This solemn ceremony is the commemoration of, and the Church participating in the experience of,
Jesus washing the feet of his 12 disciples, just before his betrayal and crucifixion.
The congregation is not only intended to be active witnesses, but also to re - live' that memorable experience.
Usually 12 people (may include priests, deacons and altar boys) have their feet washed by the Bishop.
The Bishop kneels and washes the feet of each one (while a prayer is being said and also a hymn)
He dries them with a towel, anoint them with olive oil and kisses them. 'Washing begins from the youngest at
the eastern end of the south row. When he finishes the south row, he proceeds to the north-western corner
and finishes with the eldest at the eastern end. In the Malankara Orthodox Church. this ceremony s conducted
only by the bishops.

Arrangements on the stage

The cross aloft on a stand is at the center to the east. Just in front of it is a small table carrying a large jar of water, jug etc. At the north-eastern corner is the Book of the Gospel (Evangelion) placed on a high pedestal. Being the Passion Week, the drapings shall all be black. The Bishop's ceremonial chair is at the center; and to its either side are six chairs each, the row slanting outwards from the east.

After the initial prayers and hymns, there are readings from the Old Testament and from Epistles. which is followed by Gospel reading. It is
during the reading of the Gospel at intervals that foot washing takes place

When the bishop comes to the eldest then the conversation between Jesus and Peter is read out. As the Bishop is through washing the feet of all the twelve, he sits on the throne and the throne is lifted by the 12 people. The rest of the Gospel is read by the Bishop sitting on the throne. When the reading is over the eldest among the twelve washes the feet of the Bishop, dries and anoints and kisses them.

This is followed by the final Prayer and Benediction
and the Procession


+ May the Lord God wash away from you
all the behavior of the old man
and renew you
in spirit and truth
and all of us along with you.

+ May the Lord wipe away from you
and from us all
evil impulses, habits and customs
May he adorn you
and all of us, along with you
with purity, holiness
and a life that is pleasing unto the will of Christ
our Lord and our God,